In Development: Men in Black 3?!?!?!? (and Ghostbusters 3, too)

Posted on 01 April 2009 by Quaid

Hi all, Quaid here with a fun update from ShoWest.  Seems at the beginning of the panel for Sony Pictures it was stated that the company had a great slate of movies coming up.

men-in-blackWhy, in 2011 they have a new Spider-Man movie coming out as well as a new Ghostbusters movie and…Men in Black 3?!?!?

This is the first anyone has heard of this property getting the “third” treatment, and it is kind of odd that it would just slip out at a ShoWest panel, but there you have it.  

There is literally NO information on this film yet.  We don’t know which cast members will return (An MiB movie without Will Smith would be like a Batman movie without Michael Keaton!) or who will direct it.  Expect it to be fun and silly, though, and hopefully more akin to the original than to the somewhat disappointing sequel.

Me, I’m more stoked to hear an industry person confirming that Ghostbusters 3 is more than Dan Aykroyd’s lucid dream.  He’s been drumming on about this thing forever, and the rest of the world has been somewhat quiet.  Apparently they have a release (year) set at least.

So 2011 is going to be the year of the semi-superntural screwball “third in the franchise” comedy.  I can go for that.                           

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