Newfangled Star Trek Poster Looks All Blurrie-fied!

Posted on 28 March 2009 by Quaid

If you look really closely at the below poster, I think you can see William Shatner giving his fan base the middle finger…

Or it might be the U.S.S. Enterprise, jumping into warp speed in a blinding white void of time-bending goodness in order to take us back to see…how it all…began!

Me, I hope for the disgruntled Shatner.  

This final poster is fairly cool and much more minimalist than I would expect at this late stage in the game.  We’ve already seen the Enterprise in the trailers; why this cryptic poster?

Regardless, it’s still cool and, against my better judgement, I am now stoked to see this film.  Here be the poster.  Click for bigness.



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    I dig

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