Who wants some “Three Stooges” shenanigans with Sean Penn?

Posted on 26 March 2009 by Quaid

Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro, and Jim Carrey are on their way to being cast as the three stooges, says Variety.

three_stoogesThe movie, to be written and directed by the Farrelly brothers, will be produced for MGM.

So, who’s playing who?  Del Toro is going to be Moe, Sean Penn will be Larry (you think he’d settle for anything less?), and it looks like Carrey is in the process of packing on an extra forty pounds in order to portray the Stoogiest of the Stooges, Curly.

I have so many questions about this project.  And a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.  The Farrelly brothers?  Really?  We can’t find someone with a bit more of a style or unique feel?  Will this basically be a modern-day Stooges tale where the three of them are after the same girl or are running away from hit-men and have to learn “the true meaning of their friendship?”  I sure as hell hope not.                           

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