Theater Hopping: Monsters vs. Aliens vs. The Haunting in Connecticut.

Posted on 26 March 2009 by Quaid

There are three big movies coming out this weekend, each setting its sights on Nicholas Cage’s #1 box-office crown.  

monsters-vs-aliensFirst off is Monsters vs. Aliens, and I’m guessing it makes the most dough.  The Dreamworks animated movie stars Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen and a cadre of other voices as monsters (and others) trying to stop an alien invasion.  This one is available in 3D in select theaters, so get ready to have your eyes poked out by self-referential family goodness.

Second on the list is The Haunting in Connecticut, the terrible-looking horror movie about, well, a haunting.  And the movie takes place in Connecticut.  The movie stars Virginia Madsen and Kyle Gallner as a mother and son who relocate for the son’s health.  I can only assume that everything then goes swimmingly and he has a full recovery, the end.

hauntingconnecticutThird on our list is Renny Harlan’s action movie 12 Rounds…starring the incomparable John Cena.  The story is about a New Orleans police detective (Cena) whose girlfriend is kidnapped.  Then lots of crazy action stuff happens.

Also this weekend, we get the new directorial effort of one Mr. Fred Durst.  The Education of Charlie Banks is “a stirring coming-of-age story about trusting your instincts, your friends and yourself.”  Some may say Durst has something compelling to say.  Me, I think he did it all for the Nookie.  

Michael Keaton directed a movie.  He stars in it, too.  It’s called The Merry Gentlemen, and it’s about two people running from their past who find each other.  Seems to be kinda suspenseful and romantic.  I’ll need to check this one out when it comes close to me.

That’s all we have on tap for this friday.  Check back this weekend for reviews of Monsters vs. Aiens and The Haunting in Connecticut.                           

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