Someone has seen the Nightmare on Elm Street remake script!!

Posted on 25 March 2009 by Quaid

Latino Review is always on the ball.  They’re always pulling rabbits out of their hats that many didn’t think possible. So it didn’t really surprise me when they released this video review of the new A Nightmare On Elm Street remake script.

Go on.  Check it out.  I’ll wait…


Well, what’d ya think?  Personally, a lot of my worries are calmed–Freddy is a child molester that kills people in dreams.  *Insert sigh of relief here*  I mean, it was no surprise that they would make Freddy less witty and darkly comedic…that’s just the current climate.  I’m just glad he’s still killing people in dreams and there are still some good, old-fashioned gruesome kills.  Make it scary, though, folks, and never underestimate the importance of pacing and tone.

So, what sounds bad?  The kids are at a party playing “Guitar Hero?”  Why must there be pop-culture references in all these movies, and why do all the teenage kids have to be “80′s stereotype version 2.0″ with more wit and a “twist” on their characters.  I want real characters, not superficial caricatures with a few quirks, “witty” dialogue and an obligatory backstory.

I know I’m jumping to conclusions here, but it’s sure sounding like I’m going to hate all the “kids only” segments of this movie…

Also, WHY DOES EVERY FRIGGIN’ HORROR MOVIE HAVE TO INVOLVE SOME CRAPPY “SOLVING A MYSTERY” PLOT!!! I know, The Ring made money.  But every movie does not have to be about discovering the backstory of the villain.  In the original, the answers to our questions were laid out for us once the narrative couldn’t take it anymore.  There was no investigating.  I swear to God, if there is a “looking through the microfiche at the library” scene or a “googling Freddy on the internet sequence” I will punch a producer in the face.

In case you can’t tell, I am very passionate about this property.  If it ends up being in the same vein as the Jason and Chainsaw remakes, then it will be a large FAIL!  That is the WRONG tone, pure and simple.  This is about dreams.  It’s about creating an odd, off-kilter atmosphere.  It’s about being in a safe, suburban, bright world and seeing that world twisted into something eerie and frightening.

It’s about a guy with knives for fingers taunting you, and about and making lots and lots of coffee against the wishes of your functionally alcoholic mother. 

I love Nightmare, and I want this reboot to work because I want more fun and thrills with Freddy.  Platinum Dunes, it’s your time to shine.  I continue to hold a candle of hope for this project.                           

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  1. ParryOtter Says:

    Haha, I would pay for a “looking through the microfiche at the library” scene in a Freddy movie. (And then demand my money back.)

    The kids sound like assholes. I like the ones in the original because it was like they just stuck a big knived hand in he middle of the cafeteria and used whatever random kids got speared on it.

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