Warners releases their movies on DVD. All of them.

Posted on 23 March 2009 by Quaid

Quaid here, with great news for all you classic film buffs out there.  Seems Warner Bros. is planning to release their nearly 7,000 film archive on DVD.  That’s right, every single one of them (eventually).

oncehoneymoonSo far, only about 1,200 titles have been released on DVD, but Warners is now launching WarnerArchive.com, a website that allows fans to order DVDs from the Warner catalogue for a measly $19.99.  The DVD is then burned to a disc, packaged, and sent straight to you.  So even if you are the only person in the world calling for a title, it will be made available to you. 

Even cooler (to me), you can download a digital version of the film directly for $15.  I get the strong feeling that this feature is going to prove more popular than Warners anticipates…who wants to buy and wait for a disc when you can get it now, in digital format, and do whatever you want with it?

Right now, only 150 films are available, but Warners plans to add 20 titles per month.  I say MOVE FASTER!  Get them all ready right now!

This is obviously a company with a huge backlog of films trying desperately to eek a few more bucks out of a dying format before it’s totally obsolete, but I still like the concept.  Thoughts?                           

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