Theater Hopping: I Love Knowing a Duplicitous and Hungry Buck Howard.

Posted on 19 March 2009 by Quaid

Quaid here with your weekly rundown of the new movies to choose from at the multiplex. Let’s get the big boys out of the way, shall we?

knowingFirst off we have Knowing, Alex Proyas’ end-of-the-world thriller involving numbers that predict horrible events.  I’m going to ask the obvious question…what happens when the numbers run out?!?  I plan to find out this weekend.

Second on the list is I Love You, Man from Meet the Parents (writer) Renaissance man John Hamburg.  It’s about Paul Rudd searching for a best man at his wedding.  Jason Siegel shows up with his neurotic bad self, and hilarity ensues (we hope).  Hans is totally stoked about this one, so check back for his review Saturday.

duplicity_2Third on the “big deal” list is Duplicity with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts.  The two play rival spies in what can only be described as a low-key, dialogue heavy Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  At least that’s how Shep describes it.  

Magnolia Pictures is releasing The Great Buck Howard.  The movie is directed by Sean McGinly and stars Colin Hanks as a law school dropout who becomes the assistant to an illusionist played by John Malkovich.  Tom Hanks is Colin’s father.  I mean his character is Colin’s character’s father.  And just like in real life, he doesn’t approve of his son’s life choices (just kidding…we love you Colin!).

IFC is releasing Hunger, and this synopsis reads as follows:

“A drama documenting the last six weeks in the life of Irish Republican Army (IRA) member Bobby Sands (Fassbender), who led the 1981 hunger strike to protest the treatment of his fellow prisoners.”

Weird side note, the director on this project is named Steve McQueen.  Eerie.

Finally, we have Sin Nombre, directed by student Academy Award winner Cary Joji Fukunaga in his feature debut.  The movie “…tells the story of Sayra (Paulina Gaitan), a teenager living in Honduras, and hungering for a brighter future.”

That will about do it.  My pick for the weekend is Knowing, because it might be good…or it might be bad.  If it’s bad, though, Nicholas Cage’s crazy wackedness will make it at least entertaining.  Check back this weekend for a review.                           

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