News Brief: Merman Fock(er)s The Jetsons!

Posted on 19 March 2009 by Quaid

I was working way too hard with that headline.  Here are a few random stories that probably deserve their own articles, but will be denied said articles in the name of brevity.

mermanFirst off, Variety is reporting that Imagine and Universal are teaming up to bring the Jennifer Abu Hollander romantic comedy script Merman to the screen.  The story follows a male mer-person (their preferred term) who comes to land to win back his mermaid girlfriend who has fallen for a “normal” guy.  Maybe I can fulfill my lifelong dream of seeing Matt Damon with a fin?!? YAY!!!

Next up, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones will be joining Ben Affleck in Company Men, a movie about a corporate downsizing.  Very topical guys.  You’ve won this round…

Remember the news that Little Fockers, the second sequel to Meet the Parents was getting made?  Well, looks like it’s still happening, even though we haven’t heard anything about it.  Darkhorizons reports the words of screenwrited John Hamburg:

“I don’t know if it’s officially a go movie, but I know everybody wants to try to make it some time in the next six months.”

Also, Darkhorizons has a nice little update about the Jetsons movie.  Seems Robert Rodriguez has just finished a draft of the script and is talking with Warner Bros. about it.

Finally, 50 Cent has replaced Forest Whitaker on the Sly Stallone directed The Expendables.  I have allowed myself to cry a single tear.  AICN has some more info.


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