D-Box: Making scary movies that actually go bump in the night

Posted on 19 March 2009 by ShepRamsey

Remember when it took watching The Blair Witch Project in a packed theater to get motion sickness from going to the movies? Well, friends, those days are over. Technology has stepped up to the plate and created D-Box.

D-Box is kinda like those amusement park rides where you wait in line for an hour and then watch a bad short film while your seat jiggles. Only, this time it is being dboxchairsought to be applied to today’s feature-length films to put you right there in the action with all your favorite stars!

That’s right friends, when Bruce Willis gets caught between a rock and a hard place and has to make something explode to fix the situation, your seat will jiggle! When Vin Diesel drives around at top speed, crashing into bad guys and shooting guns out of his window, your seat will jiggle!! When Tom Cruise’s seat jiggles, YOUR SEAT WILL JIGGLE!!!

It’s nice to know that as our movies get dumber and dumber, technology is stepping up to make sure we don’t notice. Here’s what their website has to say:

At D-BOX, our dream is to allow our technology to be as accessible as possible to the public at large, in order that everyone get the chance to experience D-BOX Motion Code™ first hand. We have recently officially introduced our newest and most innovative D-BOX line of Motion Systems, streamlined for use in Commercial Theatres. To do so, we are partnering with major movie theatre chains and high quality seating manufacturers to make this increase in experience more accessible to you. Soon, the D-BOX MFX system will be available for test drive by anyone wishing to experience the next great technological advancement in Entertainment. All the excitement, exhilaration and thrill that you could ever want can soon be at a variety of theatres near you.

Sounds thrilling. For more, check out their official website here.

And thanks to Latino Review for pointing this out.                           

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