Mission: Impossible 4 in the works! And this time it’s REALLY impossible!

Posted on 18 March 2009 by Quaid

IMF is the Impossible Missions Force.  It seems they wouldn’t really be that effective if their name rung true.  I say the title is slightly hyperbolic.

missionimpossibleBut those crazy spies are at it again.  After one good movie, one crazy action movie with a ham-handed MacGuffin, and one interesting and oddly emotional film, Tom Cruise is ready for another impossible mission that will prove itself more than accomplishable as long as you are Tom Cruise.

The actor was heard on Japanese television talking about how he’s working on a story for the fourth movie, and he thinks Tokyo is a great place for an action scene.

Mission: Impossible 4–Tokyo Drift? SOLD!

I actually kinda like what they are doing with this franchise…bringing in a new guy to direct each installment with a different tone and sensibility.  I vote for Woody Allen for this one.  Thoughts?                           

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