Unexpected Away We Go Trailer: Sam Mendes tackles “indie?”

Posted on 17 March 2009 by Quaid

I love Sam Mendes.  I love his movie(s).  American Beauty and Road to Perdition, that is.  Didn’t see Jarhead.  DESPISED Revolutionary Road.

His movies have a very specific feel, in my opinion.  Not to say they are clones, but they look very polished with a lot of composed shots and very deliberate direction.  They have, in general, a classic Hollywood feel.

So imagine my surprise to find the below trailer.  It’s Mendes directing Maya Rudolph (yes, that Maya Rudolph) in a film that looks about as indie as indie can be.

Now, indie has become a genre instead of a mode of financing these days.  Small, character dramas that focus on realism, usually composed in earth tones, with handheld camera and lots of crying scenes with snot (Rachel Getting Married, Juno).  They’re clever with a wicked sense of humor (Little Miss Sunshine) and often focus on themes of quirky or dysfunctional families (The Squid and the Whale).  

That’s totally what this is, and I’m kinda jazzed about seeing Mendes’s take on it.  Agreed?

You can download an HD version HERE.                           

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