Here’s a “Where the Wild Things Are” poster!

Posted on 17 March 2009 by Quaid

What 20-30 something didn’t grow up on Where the Wild Things Are?  I don’t exactly know how they can spin the children’s book into a movie, but I think the idea of the source material is strong enough to support 90 minutes.

Still, we’ve heard horror stories surrounding this one.  Did they really make Spike Jonze reshoot almost the whole movie?  Did they cut out the dark and grim tone?  And why would you hire Spike Jonze to direct your kids movie if you didn’t want something weird, disturbing, and probably brilliant.

I don’t care.  I’m pulling for this heavily delayed film.  I think this adaptation, with the right tone, could be classic, and I love what I’m seeing of the creatures–the animatronic/suit/cg hybrid that gives expression but also weight and a sense of make-believe.

This poster is highly encouraging.  I really like it.  It says everything by saying nothing, and the tag line is great.  Simplicity works for this concept.  They don’t need to throw the kitchen sink into this adaptation to make it work. 

Here it is.  Click to make large.



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