Confucius say “I want Chow Yun-fat to play me”

Posted on 17 March 2009 by ShepRamsey

In what appears to be a big night for news on the Asian cinema front, Chinese action star Chow Yun-fat will be toning things down a notch or two to play ancient Chinese philosopher in an upcoming biopic.

chow0Variety reports that Yun-fat will star and Hu Mei will be directing the film, which has an estimated budget of $2.8 million and is being backed by the Chinese government. Government support for a Confucius is sort of a new thing for China, ever since Chairman Mao denounced him and destroyed his home and cemetery during the Cultural Revolution.

Shooting for the film will start later this month with the film looking to screen later this year, just in time for the philosopher’s 2,560th birthday. Because, y’know, you only get one of those. So make it count.                           

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