Terminator: Salvation gets a new poster…again

Posted on 15 March 2009 by ShepRamsey

I know that two weeks ago when we posted the new poster for May’s Terminator: Salvation, A McG Cinematic Experience, that you said to yourself, “Well that’s all well and good, but when will we get another poster?” Well the answer, friends, is right the hell now.

It’s a strange phenomenon, this movie. We all cringed when we heard that Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and We Are Marshall uni-name director director McG was the man who was chosen to head up the fourth film in the Terminator franchise (now sans Arnold as well, obviously). Our stomachs turned when we heard it was being made as a PG-13 film. And that first teaser trailer back in November looked pretty dopey and underwhelming–sorta like the bastard child of Pitch Black and the Matrix sequels.

But all of a sudden we’ve been hit with the full trailer and we’re all pretty jazzed. It’s a genuinely terrific trailer. And if more McG badassity is your thing, then check out this new poster for the film. Pretty epic and terrifying. Count me in!



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