Pennywise Returns! “IT” gets remade for the big-screen!

Posted on 13 March 2009 by Quaid

I love Stephen King’s original novel, “It.”  I think it was the best moment of his career, where he still had his dark and basic instincts as a storyteller in-tact, but he was also beginning to really come into his own as a storyteller who could create full characters and weave their stories together seamlessly.  ”It,” in fact, reads like a “how-to” of parallel storytelling.

pennywiseI am a big fan of the Tommy Wallace directed mini-series as well.  It had problems and was kiddie-fied for TV, but Tim Currie as the clown was genius, and the movie holds together fairly well.

Now it looks like we’ll get another version of King’s story, this time on the big screen, produced by Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment.

If you don’t know the story, it’s about a group of kids who have to band together to fight a shape-shifting monster who most commonly takes the form of a clown.  When the monster returns years later, they must come together once more to finish the job.

Apparently the movie will be updated to present day…a shame.  I would have loved to see them do 1986 and 1958.  That would just be cool.  

I always said this should be a four-part mini-series on HBO where they can go really really dark, cinematic, and scary.  But I’m fine with a movie.  It’s going to be terribly hard to get this whole story into two hours, though.                           

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  1. HansKlopek Says:

    It won’t work. There’s way too much story. They’ll probably take the general idea and spin that out and leave the rest. I really wish HBO would lay their hands on that property. It could be amazing.

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