Favreau to direct Avengers? Fingers crossed!

Posted on 13 March 2009 by Quaid

So, you know how The Avengers was pushed back a full year?  And how Marvel said it was to give maximum visibility to their characters (and spread their tentpoles out)?  Well, that’s true, but it looks like it isn’t the whole story.

favreaudirectsAn alleged spy over at AICN has reported that another reason for the push-back of release dates was to get Jon Favreau to direct the superhero extravaganza.  The spy says:

“Everybody here loves the guy and he wants to do it, but it would have been impossible for him to do before the date change given his Iron Man 2 commitments. Also partly the reason why he agreed to do the Stark sequel on such an accelerated schedule was so he could get given first dibs on this.”

An Avengers movie will be hard to pull off in the best of worlds with its multiple hero storyline.  Best to get a director who understands pacing, character, and how to thrill audiences between the action set-pieces.  I loved Iron Man and feel like by the time Iron Man 2 wraps Favreau will be up-to-speed on first-rate action.  I’m stoked for this possibility, but it should be filed in the “rumor” category.                           

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