You’ll have to wait an extra year to see Thor and The Avengers. Sadness.

Posted on 12 March 2009 by Quaid

Marvel today revealed a new, revised set of release dates for all their high-profile superhero movies.  Do you want the good news or the bad news?

thorHere’s the good.  Iron Man 2 is still coming out in 2010, and Spider-Man 4 will still be released in May of 2011.

I take it back…any news involving a fourth Spider-Man film cannot be considered “good” after the abomination that was Spider-Man 3.  So bad.  

What sucks?  Well, Thor has been moved to June 17, 2011, a full year later than it was originally slated.  The Avengers will be pushed back a year as well, to May 4, 2012, and The First Avenger: Captain America will come out July 22, 2011 instead of May 2011.

Marvel apparently wants to “maximize visibility” of its individual hero projects.  In other words, they want to space their tentpole films out and get everyone jazzed for The Avengers for a whole extra year.

Maybe there is more good news.  With a production slate this planned and this distant, maybe each of the movies will get the care and attention they need to be good…instead of just being rushed to release.  That’s the hope, anyway.                           

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