Audiences Will Get Taken Once Again.

Posted on 12 March 2009 by Quaid

Hello everybody, Quaid here, with a bit of sequelization news.

T-4Everyone says that Hollywood is out of ideas, and everything they make is either a sequel or remake.  Then something like Taken comes along and ends up making boat-loads of money.  Hollywood revels in its ability to find new stories and material that will connect with audiences.

Once the box-office hype dies down, however, they must figure out a new cash cow.  They worked so hard finding that Taken idea, is there something that can match its success?  Sure!  Another Taken!

So it looks like we will be seeing a new movie in the (unexpected) fledgling franchise.  As long as the movie’s title has a colon in it, I’ll be happen.  I’m sure it will; we’ve proven over the last decade that a sequel without a colon cannot be cool or successful (except Toy Story 2)

Taken has so far made a staggering $119 million.  Looks like Liam Neeson has another payday lined up.                           

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