Josh Hartnett Vs. Thor? My money’s on the blonde guy.

Posted on 11 March 2009 by Quaid

Hi all, Quaid here.  Seems Kenneth Branagh is busy with his meetings.  Yesterday it was Alexander Skarsgård rumored for Thor, and today it is Josh Hartnett. is reporting that the one-time heartthrob is on the short-list to play Loki, the villain in the new Thor film.  As I said yesterday, I know very little about Thor so I don’t have too much of an opinion.  Josh Hartnett, though, is a fine actor — as long as he is given roles that he can pull off.  I felt he was a little weak in 30 Days of Night just because he couldn’t pull off the gruff small town hero thing.  He still feels a little like a pretty boy.

Apparently Loki is Thor’s brother, and they’re fighting over the throne of Asgard.

Both of these “stories” should be placed in the rumor bin, though.  It seems casting on these big comic book movies almost never pans out as first rumored.                           

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  1. ParryOtter Says:

    I think that’s a good choice. He has that “wronged arrogant manipulative prince-ish” air about him.

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