Fantastic Four Gets a Reboot, Hulk style!

Posted on 09 March 2009 by Quaid

I didn’t bother to see the first Fantastic Four movie on its release, and I actively avoided Rise of the Silver Surfer.  Until last week. fantastic_four_001 Stuck in a hotel in Houston, I flipped through the stations and found a naked silver man flying through the clouds.  I watched with morbid fascination, taking in the last half of the film.

“How did this get made?” I asked myself.  It was so kiddie-fied, so tonally inconsistent and so cheesy (in a bad way).  I thought to myself, they need to shake the etch-a-sketch world of this movie and start from scratch.  Seems that’s just what they are doing.

IESB is reporting that Fox is rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise.  This means a new cast, a new storyline, and, most importantly, a new tone.  While the first movies did make some money, they didn’t connect with fans and ran their course after a pathetic two films.  Now, Fox finally wants to cash in on the geeks of the world by making a FF movie that is “less bubblegum.”  

This is very good news.  Now it’s time to start speculating on directors, actors, and which direction they are taking this (my guess is an Iron Man clone).  Flame on!                           

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  1. fantasticfour Says:

    Director Tim Story (“Barbershop”) sets an uneven tempo for the embarrassingly clunky script by Michael France (“Hulk”) and Mark Frost (“Storyville”).

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