Dakota Fanning in New Moon! Now there’s a good reason for her to be creepy and overly-adult.

Posted on 08 March 2009 by Quaid

So, you know how watching Dakota Fanning in movies like War of the Worlds is really creepy because she seems like an adult trapped in a kid’s body?  Seems she’s found the right role.

dakota_fanningThat’s right, the child prodigy actress will play a vampire in the upcoming sequel to Twilight called New Moon.  She will be playing Jane, a sinister vampire that appears to be all sweet and cute and cuddly.  But guess what.  SHE’S NOT!  I have no knowledge of the Twilight  franchise so forgive the accuracy (or lack thereof) of the previous statement.  This information comes from People.

I for one…am just as uninterested in this film as I was three hours ago.  In fact, I think Dakota might, just might, be too good for this rubbish.  Then again, so is Chris Weitz.  About a Boy was awesome.  Still, we aren’t supposed to judge movies before we see them, so I’ll be waiting with baited anticipation (it’s a lie) to see this on opening day.

We really need to find a Twilight fan to do these news updates so I can stop being so negative.  Unfortunately I can’t find one who is willing to come out of the shadows (It’s okay, Shep.  You can tell the world the truth about your glowing-and-glistening-in-the-sunlight vampire obsession!)

Dakota says ”I am a very big fan of the books. I read them all and Jane is an interesting part.”  I don’t know that I believe her sincerity.  Fanning gotta eat.

New Moon is produced by Summit Entertainment and will begin shooting this month in Vancouver for a November release.                           

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  1. ShepRamsey Says:

    I resent that statement! Twilight was one of the worst and most obnoxious pieces of shit I have ever seen! Shep angry! Shep smash! Dakota Fanning. You’re dead to me.

  2. Rachel Says:

    If I had more free time, I’d be glad to help with the Twilight stuff…

  3. heribertoewing27 Says:

    Haha landed into this place by accident but i have to say this is a cool blog. Adding it to my bookmarks :) )

  4. sanfordserrano44 Says:

    Another new gem of a blog i discovered. Really like ur blog. Bookmarked it for future visits :)

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