Theater Hopping: Watchmen and lots of smaller, indie-ish films.

Posted on 06 March 2009 by Quaid

Hi, all.  Quaid here with a quick run-through of those movies opening this weekend in a theater near you.

watchmen_poster16Has anyone heard anything about this Watchmen movie?  It’s supposed to be based on a pretty good graphic novel and be directed by the guy who gave us that zombie movie remake.  Okay, so everyone in the world will be choosing Watchmen to see this weekend, and with good reason.  My review will be up in the next day or so, but you can check out Shep’s Review HERE.  Let’s move on, shall we?

IFC is releasing Everlasting Moments, a period piece that takes place in early 1900′s Sweden.  The movie is a character drama about a lower class girl who wins a camera in a lottery and decides to keep it rather than sell it.  The machine opens her eyes to the world and leads her to a young photographer, a man of whom her husband is very jealous. 

Next up is Explicit Ills starring Rosario Dawson.  The movie consists of four parallel stories about “love, drugs, and poverty” in Philadelphia.  The movie is former actor Mark Webber’s directorial debut.

horsemenNext up is Dennis Quaid in The Horsemen, a movie about a detective investigating a series of murders (aren’t they always?).  He begins to see a link between the murders and the biblical prophecy of the Four Horsemen (psst, that’s the title!) of the Apocalypse.  I hate to judge horror films based on its premise, buuutttt…..

Moving on.  Phoebe in Wonderland is a movie about a young girl who wants desperately to be in her school’s production of “Alice in Wonderland.”  She is having issues, though, and begins retreating into her own fantasy world which becomes increasingly more frightening and treacherous.  While I feel like no movie can do a character story about a child’s fantasy world better than Pan’s Labyrinth, I’m still curious about this one.

Next is Sherman’s Way.  I’ll let the press release speak for itself…”A real crowd-pleaser, Sherman’s Way starts with two strangers forced into a road trip of convenience only to veer off the path into a quirky exploration of friendship, fatherhood and the universal task of finding one’s place in the world – a world in which one wrong turn can change your destination.”  These movies can be both really good and really bad.  I reserve judgement

And finally, Tokyo! explores Japan’s city through three storylines by three directors, including Michel Gondry.  Paris J’etaime anyone?

Also, Fanboys, the movie about a bunch of geeks (read you and I) trying to get into Skywalker Ranch to show their dying friend a cut of Star Wars: Episode I before its release, is being expanded into ten cities.  Check and see if you are lucky enough to get this long-awaited celebration of geekdom.                           

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