“James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life”: New Star Trek Trailer!

Posted on 06 March 2009 by Quaid

Sorry this is a few hours late going up…just about all of MovieChopShop took a break this evening to geek out on Watchmen.  More on that later, but now we have a new trailer for the J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek reboot/reimagining/sequel/parallel world thingy.

This looks like a whole lot of fun.  It looks like a good movie, and it looks like it’s a great opportunity to see Kirk become Kirk.  What it doesn’t exactly look like is a Star Trek movie.  This screams “space opera” much more than the original series or original films which were much more akin to a submarine film (in my opinion).

Will this be another Star Wars style space epic?  More action and explosions and harrowing moments?  And if it is, does it matter as long as it is good?  

As a non-diehard Trek fan, I’m honestly asking.  

Without further ado, here you go.


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