Depp as Dilinger: We have photos and the new poster

Posted on 03 March 2009 by HansKlopek

I don’t know what it is about a period gangster film that gets me damn excited, but Public Enemies, Michael Mann’s depp-poster3Prohibition era-biopic of outlaw legend John Dilinger, has me feelin it once again. Maybe it’s just the thought of Mann behind another epic crime movie in Heat-spirit, or maybe it’s the thought of Johnny Depp scorching as Dilinger and Christian Bale giving it just as good as the FBI man on his tail, Melvin Purvis, but the flick has me ready to jump. And we have posters and pictures right here.

The stills don’t really show you that much–pretty much what you would expect from a period gangster flick, with the setting looking to be period and Johnny Depp dressing like a, you guessed it, gangster. But this is Michael Mann, and you know it’s gonna be low-to-the-ground, gritty, and ambitious as hell. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Depp play something that was straightforward dramatic, so you know there are gonna be some quirky flourishes in there somewhere. I hope he doesn’t over do it though–he looks mean as hell in that poster. I’ve never seen him play straight evil (probably because straight evil is boring) but it would be cool if Dilinger could be played like a true baddie.

And Bale to match up with him–good gracious. American Gangster was good, and they are obviously going for the same type of thing here, but this has the potential to be ridiculous. July 1, I know where I’m gonna be.

Check out the stills here.

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    This looks absolutely badass.

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