UPDATED: Giamatti, Witherspoon, Streep, Cohen! Alexander Payne’s dream cast?

Posted on 02 March 2009 by Quaid

It seems that our good friend Alexander “Sideways” Payne is finishing up work on a new script entitled Downsizing.  merylstreepNow, Hollywood Elsewhere is throwing a few names out in connection to the project, which Payne plans to direct.  They are: Paul Giamatti, Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, and Sacha Baron Cohen.

It’s still insanely early to put this in the “confirmed” category.  Apparently Payne isn’t even 100% finished with the script, but this would be a fantastic cast to have together in almost any movie.  

Of all the names on the list, Meryl Streep excites me the most.  Regardless of the material, she always brings something fresh and right to it, and her acting chops mixed with Payne’s writing stylings could be a delight.  This could be a great opportunity for her to finally get that Oscar she’s been striving to win for  all these years.  Ummm….yeah.

UPDATE: Plot details have emerged about the project which is going to be a sci-fi special effects film about a man (Cohen) who arranges to be shrunk. It’s nice to hear they’ve saved the Honey, I (Insert Cute Re-Sizing Shenanigans) franchise from direct-to-video fodder! I kid, though. With Payne and this cast on the project, I’m more than enthused!                           

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