Trailer Tomorrow, Posters Tonight: New Terminator: Salvation images!

Posted on 01 March 2009 by Quaid

Quaid here.  Seems that WonderCon trailer for Terminator: Salvation will premiere on the internets tomorrow at 7PM eastern time, but we have a little tidbit to tide all you McG lovers over until then.  

Personally, I’m finally getting excited about this movie.  While the McG name terrifies me and the first trailer was lackluster, I feel like Bale is going to be interesting.  And the things I’ve heard about Skynet, Kyle Reece, and the overall plot sound kind of interesting.  I’m one of those guys that likes even the dumb time travel action sci-fi movie to be smart, and once they start explaining away the logic of the first two movies, I’m going to blow a head gasket.  

But there is something undefinably interesting about the image of Conner looking at that metallic tentacle.  The idea of studying the machine technology and trying to outthink it is cool as hell, and I hope we get some of that “military strategizing” in this movie.  Show us why John Connor is such a badass, McG.

Here’s hoping the guys writing the script were smart, respectful, and interested in more than things that go bang.  Here are your pictures…click to make large. 


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    Looking forward to seeing it

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