Rob Zombie’s New Halloween: Some pics and some thoughts.

Posted on 27 February 2009 by Quaid

This post could have been up hours ago, but I didn’t know whether I wanted to get into it.  They’re just a couple of silly pictures, barely news worthy.  And my own Halloween obsession dictated that this article wasn’t going to be a short one.

In the end, though, I have to admit…these images are kinda awesome in a way I can’t put my finger on.  Which is weird considering how much I ended up despising Rob Zombie’s first Halloween film.

Here are the pictures.  And then, for anyone who wants to hear more of this inane rambling, I’ll continue below…


First off, a thanks to for posting the pics.

Now, I am a HUGE Halloween fan.  I grew up on the series.  I loved every bad sequel, and I spent six months constantly checking updates when I heard they were bringing Jamie Lee back for H20.  That movie had issues, but it also had Laurie Strode staring down The Shape, so I loved it.

Then they made Halloween: Resurrection.  And I lost interest in the Halloween movies.  I mean, when you can string an uber-fan along through druid cult storylines and still lose him, you know you are doing something wrong.

Watching the remake develop, I was excited that at least Michael was being taken somewhat seriously again.  At least the filmmaker bastardizing my childhood loved the material.  I hated giving Michael a backstory.  I hated jamming the entire first film into 25 minutes.

But in the end, I still got to see Michael Myers.  The second half of Rob Zombie’s movie got Michael right, and that was something.

I didn’t realize how important (or…difficult?) that was until I saw the Friday the 13th remake.  As I said in my musings about that film, you can do some stuff wrong in this genre as long as you get the killer right.  

Make no mistake, Rob Zombie did a lot of things wrong.  Loomis was a selfish asshole.  Redneck truckers abounded.  We heard child Michael speak, and we even got inside his head a little.  But in the end, Michael showed up, and he was himself.  He stalked.  He watched.  He chased, and he killed.

So I’m in a unique situation.  I hated Rob Zombie’s first Halloween movie as a whole.  Now that Michael is back, though, and there is no backstory to slow us down and no reimagining of the character, I have this weird feeling that I will actually like part 2.  

These images make me feel good about it.  If nothing else, it’s Laurie Strode in the Hospital, and that feels right.  Rob Zombie loves gore, and so do I.  He loves brutality, and that is where we differ, but I have a strong stomach.  If it’s Michael…if it’s really The Shape…then I’m going to at least enjoy this movie.  Aw, to hell with it, I’m officially getting excited.

Bring it on, Rob.  I’m giving you one more chance to win me over.  


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  1. Rachel Says:

    We even bought tickets EARLY to go see H2O. That was fun.

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