Red-Band Trailer for Adventureland. With swearing, sex, and drugs.

Posted on 26 February 2009 by Quaid

Hi, all.  It seems Greg Mottola, director of the outrageously funny Superbad, has been hard at work on a follow-up film.  This one is about a kid working at an amusement park.

It looks like it will probably have about as little plot as Superbad, have the same tone, and be just as foul-mouthed and juvenile.  Count me in.

Here’s the red-band trailer.


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  1. ShepRamsey Says:

    Dunno about this one. Trailer isn’t really doing it for me. I like the kid in it, though and I’m glad to see he’s gonna be in something that oughtta be fairly big for him. However if you want to watch him in something better, check out “The Squid and the Whale” or “Roger Dodger.”

  2. ParryOtter Says:

    I am so sick of teen comedies I could scream. “Superbad” was funny the first few times, but even that has worn out it’s welcome. I’m looking foward to reaching the age when I am no longer counted in the demographic that’s supposed to “identify” with crap like this. Apparently, that’s now 30.

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