More Remakes? Neverending Story and Total Recall.

Posted on 26 February 2009 by Quaid

It seems Hollywood just can’t help itself from remaking old classic films.  And new classics.  And movies that came out five years ago that weren’t that great to start with.  I guess there are just no good ideas left.

neverending_storySo it should really come as no surprise that the amazing Wolfgang Peterson fantasy film The Neverending Story is getting remade.  This was a childhood favorite of mine.  And they don’t make them like they used to…which is dark and messed up and scary and visually lush with depth and shadows.  

Well, I’ve heard Coraline is kinda like that.

Anyway, Kennedy/Marshall and Appian Way are in talks with Warner to make the movie.  Sigh.

But there is one more piece of sadness to cross my desk this morning.  It seems Neal H. Moritz’s Original Films is working with Columbia to remake the immortal classic Total Recall.  Rumor has it he wants to update it to a more contemporary setting and use hi-tech computer effects.

I’m shocked.  How original.

But really, WHAT?!?!?  I mean, there can only be one Quaid, right???  Well, two if you count that Schwarzenegger guy from the original.                           

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  1. Matt Silb Says:

    If they are going to update Total Recall maybe they can go back to the incredible original story, “I Can Remember That For You Wholesale”, but Phillip K. Dick. 1000 times better a story.

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