Crank 2 Trailer: One minute of badass insanity!

Posted on 24 February 2009 by Quaid

Crank is a movie I did not think I would enjoy.  But I did.  I most certainly did.  And with the sequel’s tagline of “He was dead.  But he got better,” I am officially stoked for the dumb fun of this movie.

This trailer is genius. It is absolutely the perfect trailer for this movie.  First, it explains the plot (See, in the first one he had to keep adrenaline pumping to survive.  In this, he has to shock himself to run his artificial heart).  Second, it shows the amazing sense of humor that is imperative to these films sucking in the perfect, right way.  And third, it is wildly cut and only one minute long.

In other words, it’s CRANKED!

Check it out.  

I love you Jason Statham.


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  1. Domenic Calderon Says:

    its not the best song but its pretty cool

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