Clue: Coming to you from the director of Mouse Hunt.

Posted on 24 February 2009 by Quaid

It had to happen eventually.  Hollywood is making a reboot of a previously produced movie based on a board game.  

clue2According to Variety, Gore Verbinski, director the the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and The Ring, is attached to produce…and direct…a big-screen version of the classic board game Clue.

But…didn’t this happen once before?  Wasn’t there a little 1985 movie starring Christopher Lloyd and Tim Currie?  Yes, there was.  It was critically panned, but the critics were wrong.  The original Clue is one of the best farces ever put to celluloid.  It builds from a dry humor to absolute absurdity.  And the alternate endings prove that absolutely anyone could have performed the murders and paints the whole murder mystery in a new and fun light.  I love that movie.

So, Gore, here is my suggestion.  Make this as remake of the original movie.  Do it shot for shot, Psycho style.  And when people give you crap about it, flip them off and set fire to some of your Pirates money.

Seriously, though, it does beg the question…  

“Mr. Verbinski, you just completed one of the most successful adventure franchises of all time.  The world is your oyster.  What’s next?”

Now we know the answer.  Clue.  The movie.                           

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  1. Zwaloo Says:

    It just goes to show how powerful the almighty blowjob is in Hollywood. Clue the movie is fun when you get to watch it 90 times on Comedy Central in high school, but as a big-screen film, I saw blech. And if a dinner party with the elderly was slightly out of touch in the 80s, imagine what the movie going masses (read: teenagers) of today are going to think of a murder mystery that has no headless bodies or twist Ed Norton is a twist everyone’s an alien twist the seventh deadly sin is twist.

    Gore Verbinski’s just trying to get a job that he can direct while fucked up on blow for a SOLID 6 months.

  2. HansKlopek Says:

    Cynical. That’s why it won’t be a remake. They’ll cast it up with Amy Poehler and David Cross and try to make it a really comedy extravaganza I bet.

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