Inglourious Basterds One-Sheets: Bloody weapons say it all.

Posted on 20 February 2009 by Quaid

Quaid here with three Inglourious Basterds one-sheets.

Honestly, these posters are cool but slightly underwhelming, and they don’t really tell us any more than the first trailer.  It’s about killin’ Nazis in gory and brutal ways.  Got it.

One interesting thing, though, is the “Once upon a time, in Nazi occupied France…”  Seems Tarantino is going for a Grimm’s Fairy Tales kind of dark, elevated reality tone.  You mean the movie won’t be ultra-realistic?!?

Here is one of the posters.  Not sure where it premiered.  If you know, leave a comment so I can give credit.


You can see AICN’s exclusive one-sheet HERE.

And you can see IGN’s one-sheet HERE.                              

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  1. HAL9000 Says:

    The baseball bat one is definitely the coolest.

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