News Brief: Rourke, Lincoln, and Jason

Posted on 19 February 2009 by Quaid

Hi, all.  It’s a bit of a slow news day (so far) so I thought I’d run through some of the more interesting blurbs sweeping the internets…

rourke_thewrestler2First off, it seems Mickey Rourke is off Iron Man 2.  Apparently Marvel gave him an offer he was not happy with, and he refused.  Give the guy some more money, guys, I mean, come on.  He’s probably going to win an Oscar.  In fact, I get this weird feeling that this whole “he’s in, he’s out” game is just hardball as the actor stalls to see how the awards go.  But with Sam Jackson walking away from the Nick Fury role, as well, and Marvel almost losing Favreau months back, it seems Marvel has a few cheap people at the top. But that is all wild speculation.

Next up, it seems Paramount has killed Lincoln for the second time.  According to this article, Dreamworks ain’t doing so hot, and Lincoln along with Spielberg might be the latest casualty to the global economic meltdown.  It’s a shame…I would have loved to see Liam Neeson in a crazy hat.  If Spielberg is passionate about this one, though, it will happen.  He makes three phone calls and gets a film greenlit.

friday_mask1Finally, someone attacked Jason Voorhees.  I shit you not.  The Express  reports that  a party to celebrate the remake’s release ended in bloodshed.  Warrington Gillette, the actor who portrayed Jason in Part 2, was there in full costume.  And when he got on stage with an axe, one of the “fans” freaked and tried to wrestle it out of his hands.  The actor ended up slicing his hand and going to the emergency room.  We can only assume Jason’s tissue has regenerated by now.

That’s it for the news randomness.  Check back for more updates.  And if you need your fix, watch those Watchmen clips again.                              

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