Five Watchmen Clips to Melt Your Eyes!

Posted on 18 February 2009 by Quaid

Hi all, Quaid here with five (count ‘em, five) new Watchmen clips.  

This is really the first time we have seen actual scenes…with talking, and blocking, and a story.  And I am wildly encouraged.  My only qualm is with the actor playing Veidt.  I’m sure he’s great, but the physicality of the character seemed so important in the novel.  When you get to the ending, it was important thematically that this character is the most perfect example of humanity–physically and psychologically–that we could put forth.  Here, he kinda looks like a skinny book worm.

It’s a small complaint; I’m insanely jazzed about this.  I’ll be seeing it midnight opening night with a crowd of real fans, so check back for a review.


You can find another clip  HERE.  And HERE.  And HERE.                              

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