Uwe Boll Won’t Stop! And now he wants your money.

Posted on 13 February 2009 by Quaid

Uwe Boll continues to make movies–against all odds, against all logic, and against the public outcry of fanboys who have been driven blind by his absurd, juvenile and sometimes offensive attempts to “entertain” an audience he obviously does not respect.

uwebollIt seems, though, that with the global economy in a tizzy, the well is beginning to run dry.  Uwe Boll’s German tax loopholes are getting filled in, and his investors are finally beginning to realize that every movie they do with him loses money.

So he is turning to a whole new source of funding.  You.

That’s right, for just $49 you can be a “co-producer” on Uwe’s next planned crap-fest currently entitled “Blackout.”  In exchange you will get a limited edition DVD of the film and a chance to win a trip to the set.

A chance to meet THE Uwe Boll.

If he raises at least 43% of the $18.5 million budget (you read that right) by March 31, he will consider other funding options or even (gasp!) cut his budget to get the movie made.  If he fails miserably (oh please oh please oh please), he will return MOST of your money.  At least $40.

So even if he fails, he gets to keep $9 of your hard earned cash.   This is really a win-win for Mr. Boll.  Kudos to him.

While I have been very cynical in this article, and while I still argue that Uwe is a sad sad filmmaker, I must admit that I still enjoy some of his movies.  Like Alone in the Dark and Bloodrayne.  They fall into the “so bad they are good” category–movies that feel like they are made by a wide-eyed 12-year-old with lots of money and a penchant for unmotivated boobs and plot devices.

Still, he should stop.  The “classic” Uwe Boll movies are all I need.  Honestly, I think they are all the world can handle.

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