Tales of the Black Freighter Trailer! Complete with sharks and ‘splosions.

Posted on 13 February 2009 by Quaid

Hi all, Quaid here.  I am looking forward to Watchmen as much as the next geek in line.  I’m glad the annoying copyright dispute is over and things are heading forward full-force.

blackfreighterThe marketing for this movie has been incredible, and here is another great tie-in that makes my geek brain melt.  ”Tales of the Black Frieghter,” the graphic novel within the graphic novel, is being turned into a standalone feature to be released on DVD on March 10.  Thats just a few days after Watchmen hits theaters.  Today, we get our first look at this animated film, and it looks dark, gory, and fantastic.

Even cooler is that the DVD will contain a documentary version of Hollis Mason’s memoir “Under the Hood.”  This is gonna be a great companion piece for Watchmen.

You can see the trailer over at MTV’s site.                              

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